About Us

Pasar makan is an Indonesian words meaning Food Market.

Pasarmakan.com has mission to connect Indonesian Restaurants and The Consumers online, in an honest and professional manner. We want to bring Indonesian Food and Restaurants closer to you and in a simple way.

Our vision is to introduce Indonesian cultures through food or culinary industry to broader communities and markets.

Indonesia is rich in cultures, blessed with thousands of big and small islands. We are fortunate to have different backgrounds hence the food varieties. But yet, only a few know how rich Indonesian food are. Pasarmakan would like to invite you to Indonesian culinary where we introduce you (and wish to make you fall in love) with our herbs, chilies and spices.

Some of our restaurants here have been in the industry for a long time. They are the pioneers that brought Indonesian delicacies into Australia. Come and enjoy what each individual Chef on each Restaurant has to offer.

Pasarmakan.com is created with community in mind. We believe we are here with a purpose. We are lifted up when we are lifting others.

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